Middleton Attorney Timothy P. Houten

Personal Injury LawyerI offer local, personal representation to victims of car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, Wrongful Death, injury on premises, personal injury, bankruptcy, and injuries to children. I represent folks in civil litigation, draft and file wills and trusts, and on all domestic matters. Individuals that need to file personal bankruptcy are welcome.  A member of the Massachusetts Bar since 1982, I have been practicing in Middleton since 1990. I have represented thousands of clients in Middleton and throughout Massachusetts. This includes representation in jury trials, bench trials, settlement negotiations and arbitrations against the opposing lawyers. My job is to put the client first and foremost, to represent his or her interests and secure the best results possible. I have represented clients in District Courts, Superior Courts, Housing Court, Land Court and Probate and Family Court.

Middleton Car Accident Lawyer

Middleton car accident attorney Timothy P. Houten provides local, experienced legal attention to victims of car accidentstruck accidents, motorcycle accidents and bicycle and pedestrian accidents in Middleton and the neighboring towns.

Personal Injury

Many of our clients suffer personal injuries. They may be the victim in a motor vehicle accident, motorcycle accidents, a collision with a truck, suffer a slip and fall injury, or be the family with a victim that was a victim of a wrongful death. Many injuries are the result of a dog bite, a fire, or even an injury caused by a landlord. I meet with my clients in Middleton, or at their home or hospital. I work to get medical bills paid, lost wages compensated for, and for a settlement or jury verdict that is fair. There is never any charge for our legal services unless and until we win monies for our clients. Period.

Civil Litigation

I have represented individuals and companies in civil matters in courts throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. These cases include business disputes, collection matters, real estate contests, and consumer litigation. I have the experience to work with the opponent’s attorney to resolve matters that should be resolved; we reduce attorney fees by effectively working in this manner.

Wills and Trusts

Many Middleton clients need a will. Many folks come to me when they have lost a family member or friend and need to file a Probate for their loved one. I offer personal service. I offer efficient and effective representation. My fees are reasonable and tailored to the estate.

Domestic Relations

Whether it’s a long marriage, a marriage with young children, a child support issue, or a restraining order, I offer personal service. With experience since 1982, I have appeared before many judges, in many Probate and Family Courts, and have the ability to assist my clients.


Navigating the new bankruptcy laws, in Federal Bankruptcy Court, is not always easy. However, the law says you get a “fresh start” and we have effectively received discharges for folks that cannot pay their bills. Usually this is because of a lost job, or other life altering situation.

Free Consultations!

It costs nothing to call me. For personal injury cases, the consultation is free. For all other matters, I will inform you what the fee would be before the meter starts running. I will only take your case if I believe I can help. I have the experience. Call me at (978) 774-0646