Limos Proms and Seat Belt Safety

Stretch limos are not just a mode of travel for celebrities or wealthy entrepreneurs. Anyone can rent these boats on wheels for a fun night that often have plenty of alcohol on-board along with wall-to-wall music and video screens. Many people rent out these behemoths for bachelor or bachelorette outings, birthdays or other special events […]

Car Accidents in the Snow

New England is obviously known for its harsh winters. Significant accumulations of snow from a single snowstorm can close roads or at least create treacherous driving conditions. Even after the storm has subsided, snow in some areas is not immediately cleared away. Icy conditions after any precipitation can also produce black ice that is difficult […]

Massachusetts Accidents Up but Fatalities Down

There was good news for Massachusetts motorists last year when it was reported that although car crashes were on the increase, the state saw a dramatic dip in the number of fatalities from the previous year. In 2015, there were 48 fewer traffic fatalities than in 2014, a healthy 16% decrease. In the rest of […]