Middleton Truck Accident Lawyer

Truck Accident AttorneyMiddleton truck accident lawyer Timothy P. Houten has been practicing law since 1982.   If you or a loved one is injured, put his experience to work for you.  Get your family an experienced truck accident lawyer; there is no charge for an initial consultation and there is no fee until and unless we are successful.

Collisions with trucks often result in serious personal injuries.  They can be the result of simple negligence, truck drivers following too closely, inattentiveness, lack of sleep, drugs or alcohol, distracted driving, negligently maintained vehicles, inexperience, or any number of other problems.  If you are injured, you need an experienced truck injury attorney to protect your legal interests and be ready to prove fault to the insurance company or jury.

Truck Accident Lawyer

Insurance companies that insure truck drivers are crafty in protecting their drivers and their pocketbooks.  You need an experienced personal injury attorney.  We collect police reports, photographs and investigate for our clients.  We retain experts to review the evidence; these experts are retired state police investigators.  We interrogate truck drivers at depositions.  We review their logs to determine where they are coming from and how many hours they have been on the road.  We review the maintenance records for the trucks.  We have used medical experts to examine the drugs they are on to show if any are contraindicated.  We are relentless in pursuing the truth for truck accident victims.

Commercial Trucking Accidents

What is a CDL?  Truck drivers are required to have a Commercial Driver’s License.  We have experience in reviewing the licensing, testing and training of a truck driver.  We will review the driver’s criminal record to look for driving infractions that may show that the owner of the truck knew, or should have known, not to allow that driver to be responsible for the truck.  We will reveal our findings to the truck driver’s insurance company to show negligence, negligent hiring, and how the case will likely unfold in front of a jury.

Rear end truck accidents are often a result of the truck driver following too closely.  We review the police records and photographs of the scene to determine if this was clear at the time of the collision.  Often drivers will report that the truck was too close.  If there was a lot of traffic, a rear end collision is clearly a result of the driver’s negligence.

Car Accident Lawyer

Wrongful deaths as a result of truck accidents are all too common.  Trucks are disproportionally bigger than passenger vehicles and a serious collision can result in fatalities.  It is important for victims’ families to immediately retain the services of an experienced truck accident attorney to get the appropriate records, take statements from witnesses, secure medical records, and retain the services of an expert to prove liability.

If you have a question about a truck accident in Middleton or a truck accident in Essex County, contact Attorney Tim Houten.  He will work tirelessly and relentlessly for your legal interests.  Don’t fight truck insurance companies on your own, call Attorney Houten.