Rear End Car Accident Collisions

Car Accident Lawyer Helps Rear End Collision Victims
Rear End Car AccidentMany car accidents occur because someone is following too close, or becomes distracted, and rear ends the vehicle in front of them. Often this type of accident results in an unexpected and sudden impact causing serious personal injuries.

Rear end accidents also happen from skidding on ice, drivers who are texting or distracted by children, folks who are eating, drunks, and inexperienced drivers who simply don’t react in time to stop.

What Should You Do If You Are the Victim of A Rear End Collision?

First and foremost get proper medical attention. Massachusetts has excellent health care, excellent emergency responders and you will need it.

Next, think how you can help your lawyer prove that it was the other driver’s fault. Sure, there is a presumption that if you are hit from the rear, you are not at fault. However, the insurance adjusters that we have dealt with over the years have always searched for ways to prove your were partially at fault. If the damage to the vehicle is not severe, they will ALWAYS point this out, no matter how severe your injury was.

How Can I Help My Lawyer Prove Fault?

The law presumes that you were not at fault if you were hit from the rear. We start out well, but we need to operate under a belt and suspenders approach as the insurance adjuster and insurance defense lawyers will find anything and everything they can to mitigate against this.

In a rear end motor vehicle collision or any other type of collision, we need accident reports, police reports, photographs, and witness’ names and contact information. Insurance companies are reluctant to share ANYTHING, so getting your own photographs and witness information will help enormously.

How Can I Help My Lawyer Prove Damages in Rear End Accidents?

The biggest factor in proving your damages will be the medical records, medical bills, and medical reports of your doctors and other medical providers.

Many victims of rear end accidents suffer soft tissue injuries, or whiplash. This type of injury can be very painful, nagging, and severely limiting your activities for a long period of time. Getting proper medical attention for as long as you are suffering is critical – insurance companies go by the rule that if you are not treating with a proper medical provider, you are not injured. Juries tend to believe this too.

Passengers in your vehicle should be prepared to give a statement or testify as to how your body reached in the vehicle as a result of the impact. Your spouse, partner or other family member may be enlisted to testify as to the pain and suffering you have endured.

Your employer can help with providing lost earning records. The insurance company may request tax documents from folks, especially if you are self-employed. We work to keep those documents private, or to limit what gets produced and who gets to look at the document.

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