Teenage Driver Accidents in Middleton

Unfortunately, teenagers are the cause of a disproportionate number of collisions in Middletown. There are many reasons for this, including the lack of experience, the lack of maturity, the peer influence, driving while under the influence of alcohol, driving while under the influence of drugs, texting while driving, distractions causing accidents, or a host of other possible reasons.

The Massachusetts DOT’s statistics indicate that over one third of 16 year olds were involved in motor vehicle accidents. The numbers go down significantly for each year of maturity during their teenage years. Nevertheless, nationally 40% of teenage wrongful deaths involve cars, trucks and other motor vehicles. 40%!

Teenage Victims of Teenage Motor Vehicle Crashes

Many motor vehicle accident victims are the teenagers themselves, or their passengers. Passengers are often friends, sometimes family members. The cases can become complex and complicated. The guilt, especially in serious injury cases and wrongful death cases, can be overwhelming. And the relationships, especially friendships, can change.

It is critical to have an experienced car accident lawyer working for you and your family. First, a victim that is under 18 needs a parent or guardian to retain a lawyer and resolve a case. More importantly, however, is that more than anyone, teenage victims and their family need guidance in working both the insurance world and the victim witness world. Sometimes criminal cases are involved. Sometimes one friend will not agree to testify against another.

Attorney Timothy Houten has experience in working with teenagers and their families. He has experience in Court. He has worked tirelessly on behalf of his clients since 1983. He is a resident of Middleton, has his office in Middleton, and has brought up his children, once teenagers, in Middleton.

Victims of Teenage Motor Vehicle Accidents

Of course, many victims of teenage negligence are not in the vehicle with the teenager, but third parties totally unaware of the situation in the other vehicle until the time of the collision. Working with insurance companies representing teenagers involves experience. There are many scenarios in which the victim can be short changed. First, many parents put the teenagers as the owner of the vehicle and purchase only minimal insurance. How do you get around that when there are serious injuries? An experienced attorney will know how to bring parents in for their level of responsibility in the negligence. Second, again, teenagers are often with other teenagers in the vehicle. Statements are made. Witnesses need to be contacted. Facebook entries need to be checked regarding comments made following a teenage accident.

An aggressive attorney for the victim of a teenage driver causing injuries will seek the phone and texting records, the police and criminal records and the witness statements.

Hire an Experienced Middleton Area Motor Vehicle Lawyer

Attorney Tim Houten has been representing families since 1983. He will come to your home or hospital if there are serious injuries. He will secure the medical records and medical bills and police reports and pictures. He charges no fee until and unless the case is resolved. Call for a free consultation.