Underinsurance Accidents in Middleton

What is underinsurance or uninsurance and how does this work in Massachusetts?  Massachusetts law requires that motor vehicles carry $20,000 in liability insurance.  Is this sufficient?  Of course not when someone is seriously injured.  Of course, not when there are multiple people injured and a $20,000 policy is limited to $40,000 per accident.

Uninsured Accidents Lawyer

Underinsurance Car Accident

What is uninsurance?  When a vehicle does not have insurance, it is uninsured.  A stolen vehicle is not insured.  Some states, including New Hampshire, do not require insurance.  And, of course, some folks simply fail to pay for insurance and their vehicle is uninsured.  In the event someone driving one of those vehicles negligently causes an accident in which you are the victim, your uninsurance coverage kicks in and covers you.

How much uninsurance do I have?  The minimal requirement is $20,000 and that is insufficient if you are seriously injured.  Secure more insurance.  Even if you have more than the minimal insurance coverage, you may still have to file a claim against your own company to get compensated.  To do so we recommend hiring an experienced personal injury attorney.

What to do if I was In an Accident with someone with no Insurance

What is underinsurance?  When the injuries the victims of a motor vehicle accident sustain exceed the available insurance coverage from the driver at fault, the victim’s car’s insurance company will pay their underinsurance coverage to compensate the victim.

How does underinsurance work?  Let’s say that you have serious personal injuries when significant medical bills and lost earnings.  The negligent driver had the minimal insurance coverage of $20,000.  You were diligent and secured $100,000 in underinsurance coverage, you would be entitled to the $20,000 from the negligent driver’s insurance company and $80,000 from your own company.  To secure that $80,000 is not always easy:  you need to follow the insurance protocols and get written permission to settle against the negligent driver first, for example.

Second, you may need to file a claim for arbitration against your own insurance company.  You will have to follow the procedures for arbitration. We recommend you retain the services of an experienced personal injury attorney for such a case. It’s you against an experienced insurance defense trial attorney.  While there are relaxed rules of evidence, and things are called by different names, make no mistake in that the insurance company lawyer has one goal in mind:  reducing the amount you collect.

What do I do if there is insufficient insurance?

First, retain the services of an attorney with experience in motor vehicle accidents.  Why battle the insurance companies alone?  The law requires that insurance companies reveal how much coverage their insured has following a motor vehicle collision.  An experienced car accident lawyer knows how to use that law to get the answer quickly.  That experienced lawyer will also know how to find out how much underinsinsurance or uninsurance you have.  Or the coverage for the vehicle you were in if you were not the owner.

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