Uninsured Vehicles in Middleton Involved in Accidents

166750996 - CopyWhile cars and other motor vehicles are required by law to have liability insurance to protect innocent victims who are injured, there are situations in which those vehicles do not have insurance. If you, or someone in your family, are the victim of a motor vehicle accident in Middleton, or a motor vehicle accident in Massachusetts, you should know your rights.

For example, some vehicles from New Hampshire do not carry insurance. While this may be legal in New Hampshire, it poses problems for accident victims in Massachusetts. There are other states which may have similar laws.

Stolen Vehicles Are Not Covered By Insurance

If a driver does not have permission to drive a vehicle, such as when the vehicle is stolen, that vehicle, even if properly insured generally, is not covered by Massachusetts motor vehicle insurance.

Believe it or not, stolen and misappropriated vehicles are in a disproportionate number of accidents.

What Can Victims of Uninsured Vehicles Do?

First, don’t panic. Get proper medical treatment. Secure photographs and witness names and addresses. Work with the police to get the facts straight.

If you have motor vehicle insurance and you are in your vehicle when you are the victim of an uninsured vehicle, you are covered at least up to the Massachusetts $20,000 minimum. If you are a pedestrian or bicyclist victim, you may also be covered by your own motor vehicle insurance in Massachusetts. If you are a legal resident in a household with motor vehicle insurance, you may be covered as well.

How Do Uninsured Claims Work?

You must file a claim with your motor vehicle insurance company and if it cannot be resolved, you can demand arbitration. This is not a trial, but similar rules of discovery and evidence are expected.

Retain an experienced attorney for any uninsured claim for the best possible result as the rules of discovery and rules of evidence are complicated – and relaxed rules can be tricky. Insurance companies do this every day; they don’t like to pay anything more than they have to; thus, seek an aggressive car accident lawyer!

What Should Massachusetts Residents Do Proactively?

You should call your insurance agent and secure more uninsured coverage. We do not sell insurance, however, we recommend that folks have as much uninsured coverage as possible.

While the odds of being a victim of an uninsured vehicle collision are low, they happen. Further, uninsured coverage is linked to underinsured coverage. The odds of being the victim of a motor vehicle collision in which the other vehicle is under insured, is significant: the minimum requirement is $20,000 and the vast majority of vehicles out there have the minimum.

What Should Victims of Uninsured Motor Vehicle Accidents Do?

Victims of uninsured motor vehicle accidents should seek experienced legal representation as soon as possible. While there may not be any insurance company on the other side, there is your own company. Your company will be responsible for uninsured coverage. Guess who may not be looking after your best interests? If they send you to an insurance doctor, under PIP, which they have the right to do, you can be sure that that insurance doctor will not likely write up a helpful report.

Call Attorney Tim Houten for experienced advice. Our initial consultation is free and there is no fee until we win for you and your family.