Dangerous Intersections Accidents

Car Accident AttorneyMiddleton car accident lawyer Timothy P. Houten reports that intersections are a major location for motor vehicle accidents in Middleton, Massachusetts. Most of those accidents occur when a driver fails to follow the law or the rules of the road. Often drivers are in a rush, are late for work or school, and simply neglect to do what they are supposed to do at an intersection.

All drivers, whether they have the right of way or not, should approach all intersections with caution. If there is a stop sign or a crosswalk, drivers should take extra caution as pedestrians or bicycle riders may be crossing. They may assume that you see them regardless of their clothing or the weather.

Yellow lights mean slow down, not speed up; they mean caution, not proceed recklessly through an intersection. Red lights mean stop, regardless of the lack of traffic. Others should be able to assume that you are obeying the rules and the law. Bicyclists must follow the rules of the road too.

Intersection Accidents and Personal Injuries

Intersection collisions often result in serious personal injuries. This is because there are often side impact collisions where the passenger compartment is directly impacted. Further, there are often collisions with the rear quarter of the vehicle, resulting in spinning the vehicle into another vehicle of object on the side of the road.

Regardless of the seriousness of the impact, victims of intersection accidents who are injured should contact an experienced intersection accident attorney as soon as possible; the insurance company for the other vehicle will be working on the case immediately.

Intersection Accidents and the Insurance Companies

Insurance companies train their adjusters to have certain ways to evaluate a motor vehicle accident. Intersection cases pose a layer of difficulty unless all parties say the same thing. If the police are involved, the insurance adjuster may simply follow the police report, especially if there is a finding of fault by the police officer. If there is an independent witness who gives a credible statement, the insurance company adjuster may follow that statement. However, the insurance company may simply bury significant evidence in favor of what their insured says, especially if it is favorable to their insured and that means they will not have to pay your damages.

Intersection Accidents and Personal Injury Lawsuits

If the insurance company fails to make a reasonable offer of settlement, your case may be put into suit. This means that your attorney will fill the necessary papers in court, that you will have to undergo “discovery” and that the case will progress toward a jury trial. While most cases settle before trial, they must be litigated as if there will be a trial to put you in the best position for either – settlement or trial.

What is discovery in a personal injury lawsuit? This is the process in which each side exchanges information – documents, answers to written questions, and testimony at a deposition. Your attorney will prepare you for each step of discovery and it is rarely burdensome. On the other hand, failure to actively participate in the discovery process will result in a poorly litigated case.

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