Peabody Car Accident Law

If you’ve been involved in a car accident in Peabody, Massachusetts, you need the help of a lawyer. When serious injuries from a car accident are incurred, take legal action by calling the Law Office of Timothy P. Houten. Attorney Houten can help you recover the compensation that you deserve.

Injuries Caused by a Car Accident

If you’ve been involved in a car accident in Peabody, you may have sustained injuries that are severe. Some of the most common types of injuries that a victim may suffer in the event of a car accident include:

● Head injurypeabody-ma-2552490
● Traumatic brain injury
● Spinal cord injury
● Back strain
● Neck injury
● Whiplash injury
● Facial injury
● Broken bones
● Laceration injury
● Internal injury
● Burn injury
● Scarring
● Emotional trauma

Some injuries are more serious than others, requiring extensive medical care. Some injuries such as a traumatic brain injury, burn injury, or spinal cord injury, may leave a victim with a permanent disability or impairment, or permanent scarring or disfigurement.

Understanding Massachusetts Insurance Laws

A victim who is injured because of a negligent driver in Massachusetts can file a claim against that driver’s insurance company. Under Massachusetts laws, insurance companies are obligated to promptly evaluate the claim and, if properly documented, most insurance companies will act within a reasonable amount of time. They are not, however, going to pay their maximum without an aggressive approach that includes the ability to follow up. If the case does not resolve, we can file a lawsuit on behalf of the victim; that is the mechanism that usually gets the insurance company to react.

Peabody is in Essex County so the claim would be filed in Peabody District Court, or, for serious injuries, in the Superior Court in Salem. A claim for damages in such a lawsuit would request damages for medical expenses, lost wages, property damages, loss of enjoyment, pain and suffering, and more.

Take Legal Action Now by Retaining the Advice of a Peabody Attorney

In Massachusetts, those who have been involved in car accidents that result in injuries that meet the severe injury threshold must file a claim for damages within a certain timeframe. This timeframe is known as a statute of limitations, and Massachusetts Code, Chapter 260, sets the statute of limitations at three years from the date of injury for most cases, which means you need to act quickly. If you attempt to file a claim for damages after three years’ time has passed, you cannot recover damages.

To begin filing your claim for damages today, gathering the evidence you’ll need to hold the other driver liable for your injuries, and understanding the amount of damages you may be able to recover, call the Law Office of Timothy P. Houten now at 978-774-0646.