Personal Injury Lawyer

Attorney Timothy P. Houten has been practicing law since 1982.  His experience helping victims of personal injury and wrongful death cases in the North Shore, and throughout Massachusetts, is extensive.  His approach is to provide his injury victims with aggressive representation against the insurance and defense industry.  He is dedicated to his clients and consistently gets outstanding results for them.

Wrongful Death Lawyer

Wrongful death?  If your loved one was the victim of negligence, wrongful death lawyer Tim Houten can investigate, secure the medical records, and represent your family and loved ones to get the best possible result.

Catastrophic injuries?  A catastrophic injury almost always results in permanent pain and suffering.   It often causes loss of a job, loss of income, and or reduced earning capacity over your lifetime.  Injury attorney Tim Houten can help. He will represent your family’s interests aggressively.

Burn injury victim?  Burn injuries are often catastrophic.  They are always painful and can cause permanent and debilitating scarring.  Burn injury lawyer Tim Houten will help.

Dog Bite Lawyer

Dog bite victim?  Dog bite lawyer Tim Houten will represent your legal interests.  Victims of dog bites are presumed to be not responsible.  Attorney Houten knows the law, will get your medical records and will fight for a settlement that includes your pain and suffering, scarring, and medical bills.

Child injuries?  Child injury lawyer Tim Houten, who has raised children of his own, will be responsive, will investigate, and will work with your family to keep your child’s interests paramount.

Sexual abuse victim?  Unfortunately, many victims of sexual abuse are, or were, minors.  The emotional scarring may last a lifetime.  There are emotional and psychological and often physical ramifications.

Truck accident?  Victims of truck accidents are often severely injured because of the size differential between the truck and most motor vehicles.  Truck accident investigations can be more complex, involve a higher level of police investigation, and generally results in an insurance defense firm that is aggressively defending the negligent driver.  Call truck accident lawyer Tim Houten.  He will be on your side one hundred percent of the time and will resolve your case.

Car Accident Lawyer

Motor vehicle accident with insufficient insurance?  Attorney Tim Houten will work with your insurance company to secure the maximum underinsurance coverage possible.  The law is very clear on what the minimum insurance coverage is, and how it works if the responsible party does not have enough insurance.

Pedestrian or bike accident?  Call pedestrian lawyer Tim Houten for a free consultation.  He will evaluate your case, secure police and insurance reports.  He will take photographs of the location of the accident.  He will represent you and your family’s interests.

Orthopedic, neurological, head and brain, burn, are all types of serious personal injury cases that Attorney Tim Houten will handle.  He charges no fee for an initial consultation.  He charges no fee unless and until you win.  He is from Massachusetts.  He went to college and law school in Massachusetts.  His family lives in Middleton. Call him today if you have any question about your injury case in Massachusetts.