Middleton Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer

Slip and Fall LawyerSince 1982 injury lawyer Timothy Houten has represented victims of slip and fall accidents.  Those folks that have suffered injuries because of the negligence of others have a right to pursue the owner of the property for pain and suffering, lost earnings, scarring, medical bills, and permanent injuries.

Injuries from slip and fall accidents range from broken bones to head injuries to wrongful death.  Children and older people are particularly susceptible to injuries from slip and fall accidents.

Where Do Slip And Fall Accidents Occur?

They can occur anywhere; inside or outside.  The following are some examples of types of slip and fall cases a personal injury lawyer would handle:

  • Falls on poorly designed walkways and entryways
  • Falls on store floors where something slippery or wet was allowed to remain.
  • Falls by workers, or visitors, at construction sites
  • Restaurant falls
  • Shopping center or mall falls
  • Falls resulting from poor lighting in parking lots, stairways and in buildings
  • Falls due to defective handrails
  • Defectively designed floors resulting in falls

Children’s Falls

When children fall, the facts may be harder to determine; especially if they are young children and if they are not with their parents or guardians.  Furthermore, if they fall in a park or playground, the Recreational Use Statute may prevent a recovery.  Thus, you should get an attorney with experience.

Hiring the Right Slip and Fall Lawyer in Middleton

Insurance companies and insurance defense lawyers have a lot more evidence in a slip and fall case than in a car accident case.  Why, because their insured client owns the premises.  There may be a surveillance camera of the whole fall.  There may be photographs they have from right after, or even before, the fall.  There may be statements from you, or other witnesses that the insurance company has; they may or may not ever turn them over.  There may be a history of falls or problems in the area where you fell that they will immediately know, or be able to find out.

You are starting from behind regarding proving liability, or responsibility, on the owner of the property.  Nevertheless, you fell and you are injured, so you need an attorney who will work tirelessly on your behalf.  Attorney Tim Houten has the experience to follow through.  He’s not afraid to stand up to the insurance companies.  He has been in court on thousands of cases and is not afraid to stand up to the insurance defense trial lawyers.

What to Do If You Are the Victim of a Fall Down Injury Case

Of course, first get appropriate medical treatment.  Second, call accident Attorney Timothy Houten.  The consultation is free.  There is no fee until and unless Attorney Houten is successful in resolving your case.

Attorney Houten will ask you for any and all photographs of the scene.  He will ask you for names of witnesses and potential witnesses.  Again, the landlord will have his or her defenses lined up immediately.  Be prepared to assist your attorney as you know may know the area well; and you may be able to find facts that assist Attorney Houten.

Call for a free consultation.